3 Reasons why the Honeymoon Phase Sucks

During the honeymoon phase of your relationship you are all over each other, you barely fight and you are constantly in a great mood. A lot of people wish it would never end, and when it does, they feel sad and kind of disappointed. If you have been dating someone with HIV, a biker or a girl next door, and are upset that this super romantic part of your relationship is coming to an end, we have some news for you – honeymoon phase sucks! Sit back and relax, and we will tell you all about why this part of a relationship is deeply overrated.

dating someone with HIV

You sweat the small stuff

During the first few months of your relationship, you stress over the smallest, most stupid things. You change at least five outfits for a casual date, you start to panic when he doesn’t answer your text in 5 minutes and you overanalyze your hot and cold approach, just so you wouldn’t seem too needy or too uninterested. Why would you miss this? On the other hand, you having food poisoning and he running to the store to get more toilet paper and meds – now, that is true romance.

Every date involves doing something fancy

What is wrong with this, you ask? Well, when you have been in a serious relationship for a while you miss those times when you got all dressed up and your guy was completely smitten with the way you look. Although there is nothing wrong with candlelight dinner and rosemary martinis, sometimes a girl just wants to get in her sweatpants, eat pizza and binge-watch The Handmaid’s Tale. And since you are still trying to impress your guy during the honeymoon phase, you are not allowed to do that.

It is about quantity and not quality

Okay, you have tons of sex during this phase, and even though it can be mind-blowing, it is still not the best sex you will ever have with this guy. Actually, it will happen later in your relationship, when you truly get to know one another and are familiar with each other’s desires and fantasies. It just cannot happen in the honeymoon phase where you still have sex with full makeup on and worry all the time about whether he will see your back fat.

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