4 First Date Tips That Will Help You Stay True To Yourself

We all know that first dates are tricky, nerve-wracking events which make our stomachs turn. On one hand, we want to be open to a possibility of a new relationship and put ourselves out there, but we still want to protect ourselves in case it doesn’t work out. And with all that fuss in your head, how can you manage to stay true to yourself? Well, we have some great tips for all the members of the online dating club. Before you meet your potential match in person, read these practical tips that might help you while you are on your first date.

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Learn to disagree

Although you might feel the urge to agree with everything your date says so that they would like you more, don’t. This is not a wise move and it means you are hiding a big part of your true nature. Therefore, feel comfortable expressing dissent, even on your very first date. We are not saying you should argue with your potential match though. Quite the contrary, you should be able to explain your point of view both calmly and politely. If they can’t handle it, they are definitely not worthy of your time.

It is not your job to fill in the awkward silence

While you should undoubtedly ask and answer questions, you shouldn’t feel the need to fill in the awkward pauses in conversation whatsoever. It is a two-way street, so if your date isn’t able to put together two whole sentences, don’t start beating your gums.

Don’t feel obligated to stay

In order to find love online, you will go on a lot of bad first dates. If it happens that the person you have met with is a huge dud, don’t hesitate to leave. However, make a graceful exit instead of making a scene. Be kind and respectful and try not the hurt your date’s feelings, no matter how boring they are.

Carpe diem

Instead of fantasizing about your potential match, spend the day of your date doing something useful and fulfilling. That way you will be in a positive mindset and you will have something to talk about in case you run out of things to say. On the other hand, you will feel satisfied with your life and won’t be anxious to meet someone who will give your life meaning. This will result in you being relaxed and charming, instead of needy.

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