4 Great Ways You Can Keep Your Trans Dating Fresh

When people start to date they play all sorts of games to keep their partner interested. If you think those games end once you are in a committed relationship, you couldn’t be more wrong. It doesn’t matter whether you just met your girl on TS Meet or you have been dating for a while, here’s how you can keep your relationship fun and exciting.TS meet

Go on various adventures

This will not only strengthen your relationship, but it will also make it exciting. When you are together, try new things. Take a cooking class together, go camping, visit museums, create art together… Your possibilities are endless. If you keep things fun and fresh your trans girl will like you even more.

Don’t smother her

Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you should always be by her side. Give the girl some room to breathe. If you are always around her, you won’t give her the opportunity to miss you. Give her some space and she will be chasing you all over again.

Rent a hotel room

If you don’t have time to travel somewhere, just rent a hotel room in your city (or somewhere near you). Dress up, have a dinner in the hotel restaurant, order a champagne, drink in a hotel bar, have fun in your room and sleep in. Order a room service and have breakfast in bed. You will feel like you went on a vacation without ever having to actually leave your town. Forget about carrying your suitcases and spending time stuck on the bus, train or plane. No muss, no fuss.

Experiment in bed

When you are in a long-term relationship, sex can become dull. It sounds awful but it is true. If you want to keep things fresh in the bedroom you should start experimenting. There are so many things you can try out. Talk about your fantasies and things that you want to try out in the bedroom. You never know, maybe she is willing to give them a try. Ask her what her fantasies are. You can always include some toys in your sexcapades or try bondage. If you have no idea what you could try out next, just turn to the Internet for help. You will find a bunch of interesting sex game ideas online.

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