4 Things You Must Never Do When Dating A Biker

It doesn’t matter how old or experienced they are; it’s safe to say that every woman out there wants to meet local bikers and see what it’s like to date them. Considering how attractive and exciting these fellas are, we can’t honestly blame ladies for fantasizing about motorcyclists. Therefore, if you’re one of those gals who are interested in dating a biker, check out these four things you must never do while going out with a rider.

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Flirt With Other Guys

Even though they might not seem like it, bikers are actually pretty jealous, especially when you give them a reason to be. They’re not possessive, but if they see you flirting with other guys, they’ll probably beat them up and break up with you after that. Therefore, if you want to tease your boyfriend, find another way because making them jealous always ends poorly.

Make Fun Of His Relationship With His Bike

Like you probably already know, most riders have a very special bond with their motorcycles. This is why you should never mock them! Even though you may think it’s a harmless joke, your boyfriend will probably get offended. So, whatever you do, make sure to respect his unconditional love towards his precious two-wheeler.

Play Hard To Get

A lot of girls think that playing hard to get is the most efficient way to assert dominance and get the upper hand in a relationship. That might be the case in most relationships out there, but not when it comes to bikers. These fellas have zero tolerance for these types of games, so if you want to keep your boyfriend, you must never ignore him or play hard to get.

Control His Social Life

The first thing you need to know about bikers is that they have a rich social life. These guys are spending a lot of free time with fellow riders. So, no matter how jealous or insecure you are, you must never try to orchestrate his social life. If you try to do that, he will feel trapped, which may result in a breakup. Therefore, try to accept his ways and find a way to love your partner for who he is.

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