6 Makeup Tips for Women in Golden Years

Although some women think that dressing up and putting makeup on in their golden years is completely unnecessary, a lot of ladies still love to appear fabulous and stylish, even when they are grey and wrinkled. On the other hand, putting makeup on is usually all about looking younger for women in their 60s, but do you know which techniques can help you achieve that youthful look? If the answer is “no”, you have come to the right place. Moreover, if you have just joined dating sites for seniors these could easily help you dazzle your next date with your flawless look, so we definitely encourage you to stick around and keep reading.

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Invest in a good moisturizer

This tip technically isn’t about makeup, but if you want to get rid of dark spots and wrinkles (that even a great foundation can’t hide) you will need to get a high-quality moisturizer. Not only will it hydrate your skin, but it will make it look lively and radiant. If you have oily skin, you should go with a water-based moisturizer. Otherwise choose a cream-based one. Use it after you shower because that is the time when your skin pores are open.

Find the right foundation

Today, you can find a lot of foundations created especially for aging skin. They are loaded with anti-aging ingredients and can cover all those imperfections on your face

Get rid of dark circles

Those dark bags under the eyes can make any woman look older than she really is. Therefore, use a good under eye cream and try to diminish those dark circles regularly.

Use a curler

It doesn’t matter whether you are dating older men or younger guys, long eyelashes can draw attention to your eyes and away from your wrinkles, so having a plastic lash curler is a must. Keep in mind that you should use it before you apply the mascara, not the other way around.

Be careful with the eye shadow

The days of shimmery and glittery eyeshadows are over and you should choose more natural looking shades now. Don’t use more than two colors, keep in mind that less is more.

Choose the right lipstick

Unfortunately, your lips become thinner with age, but you can use a lipstick that is loaded with Vitamin E and natural ingredients like shea butter and that offers an SPF protection.

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