7 Things You Shouldn’t Ask On A Date With A Person You Met On Free Singles Dating Sites

Some people go totally unprepared on their first dates. They think that it will be a piece of cake, and it ends up with that awkward silence. On the other hand, you have those singles who have a bunch of questions up their sleeve in case they run out of conversation topics. However, some questions you should avoid asking if you want to ensure your first dates with people from free singles dating sites is a success. Here are some questions almost everyone asks, but they really shouldn’t.

Things You Shouldn’t Ask On A Date

How much money do you make?

This is a very personal an inappropriate question. First of all, how much someone makes is none of your business. Secondly, what do you want to achieve with this question? Why is it at all relevant? If you ask your date this, they will not only feel extremely uncomfortable, but they will also assume you will be interested in them only if they earn a lot. And trust us, no one wants to be your piggybank.

How do I look?

Complimenting someone’s look on your first date is perfectly fine. However, if you ask how you look, you will come off as an insecure or a shallow person. If you really want to get a second opinion, then ask your friend before your date about your look.

Who did you vote for in the last election?

Yeah, you know it is their civil right not to answer this question. But never mind this, why would anyone think that this is a good conversation starter for a first date? Nothing kills romance faster than talking about politics.

How many kids do you want to have?

When you have been dating for a while this is actually a conversation you should have. However, it is totally inappropriate for your first date. You will seem desperate and needy. Your date will think that you are already imagining you two in front of an altar exchanging vow and run for the hills.

What kind of wedding do you want to have?

Same thing here. Unless you are engaged, forget about this topic. If you start talking about wedding bells on your fist date, your potential partner will feel a lot of pressure and probably won’t call you ever again.

What went wrong between you and your ex?

You are probably dying to know the answer to this question, because you can learn a lot about a person based on their past relationships and breakups. However, avoid taking about exes on your first date. Focus on your future, not your past.

Have you ever cheated on someone?

When you meet people online through free personals, don’t ask them this. Not even when you are on an offline date. It will be like you are asking them if they committed a crime. They will be uncomfortable, placed in the spotlight and you probably won’t find out the truth. Even cheaters will tell you they haven’t done it, so what’s the point?

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