Can Your Boy-Toy Become Your Boyfriend?

People assume that cougars are only after one thing – sex. However, these women are often looking for something more serious than just a fling. If you have your eye on a younger guy and you are still not sure whether he should be just your boy-toy, or he is a candidate for a long-term commitment, check out this list. Cougar dating isn’t at all that simple, so better know what you want before you dive right into it.

cougar dating

How old is he?

If your guy is still in his twenties and you are at least a decade older than him, a committed relationship is probably the last thing on his mind. Therefore, he will be a great boy-toy since he is perhaps seeking out new experiences and adventures and he will rock your world with his energy and stamina. His life is a big playground, and he is not ready to settle down.  On the other hand, men in their late thirties and forties know what they want in life, and they are not afraid to commit to one woman. People say that age is just a number, but the stage of life he’s in will tell you a lot about his lifestyle.


If he hasn’t done any of the ‘grown-up’ stuff, like getting married, having kids and a steady job or even just being in a serious relationship, he won’t understand that you have obligations and a life of your own. Therefore, he is likely to get impatient when you don’t have time for him because of your responsibilities. This goes double if you have kids and he doesn’t.

Shared interests

When you have mutual interests, your relationship has potential. However, if he is still into partying, getting drunk with his friends, playing video games and watching sports and you are way past that, you have a problem. It’s not a problem if sex is the only thing you both enjoy, but don’t try to turn your boy-toy into your partner.


Just because he still hasn’t figured out what he wants to do with his life and you already have a college degree and a successful career in your bio, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give him a chance. If he is an open-minded guy who loves to learn new things, has traveled a lot and has a wide range of interests, you shouldn’t have a problem. On the other hand, if he is only interested in watching TV and getting drunk, forget about having something serious with him.

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