Celebrity Snapchats You Must Check Out Right Now

These days if you do not have a profile on any of the social networks it is like you do not exist. People from all over the world are hooked up on these platforms and famous stars are not an exception.

Celebrity Snapchats

Everyone was already on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and then came along Snapchat. We fell in love with its funny filters and could spend hours playing with them. Celebrities also love doodling over their face or trying on a giraffe or a deer filter. Celebrity Snapchats are always fun to follow, and if you have no idea who to add next, here are some suggestions.

Zac Efron @zacefron87

Although he made his first television appearance on the series Firefly, he rose to fame with Disney’s High School Musical. You could have seen him in 17 Again (2009), Hairspray (2007) and The Lorax (2012). Zac then decided that he had enough of teen movies and thought it is time to start acting in more mature movies.  He starred in The Lucky One (2012) and Parkland (2013). He went on to star in the comedies Neighbors (2014) and its 2016 sequel, Dirty Grandpa (2016) where he played opposite Robert De Niro. Last year he also starred in a comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. This year you can see him in movie reboot of Baywatch. Follow Zac on Snapchat and see a bunch of his selfies covered with doodles.

Jared Leto @jaredleto

Jared Leto became famous thanks to the TV show My So-Called Life starring Claire Danes. He appeared in  Fight Club (1999), Requiem for a Dream (2000) and Dallas Buyers Club (2013), for which he received an Oscar for best supporting actor. When he prepared for his role of a heroin addict in the Requiem, Leto lived on New York City’s streets and abstained from sex. He is famous for his dedication to roles. For the role as John Lennon’s assassin in Chapter 27 he gained 60 pounds. Last year Leto played infamous Joker in the movie Suicide Squad. He is also the lead singer of the band 30 Seconds to Mars. Jared has one of the celebrity Snapchats you should check out. He simply loved to doodle, so you can see him doodling over the picture of his morning coffee, sunset or his selfie.

Pharrell Williams @sonofapharaoh

When we are talking about what famous people Snapchat, we have to mention Pharrell Williams. Pharrell is best known for his huge hit Happy. Although he started performing as a teenager, he hit the charts in 2013 with Happy as well as with two mega-hits on which he worked on: Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines and Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. In September 2014 he joined Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and coach Gwen Stefani on the singing competition The Voice. Williams has been married to Helen Lasichanh since 2013 and they have a son Rocket, who was born in 2008. Follow Pharrell and find out what he has prepared for us and see his many sharp outfits.

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