Dating For Disabled Tips: How To Choose The Right Date

Thanks to the Internet, dating for disabled is getting more and more popular. It is understandable that finding different venues that are wheelchair accessible and leaving home just to go on a really bad date is a waste of time. However, today there are hundreds of disabled dating sites where you can get to know your potential date before you go out. This way you will lower the chances of having an awful date. Unfortunately, going on the occasional disappointing date is part of the online dating. With these tips you can choose better with whom you will eventually go out.

Choose The Right Date

Get to know your dates before you go out

This doesn’t mean that you have to talk for ages before you can go out. But some little clues will help you form a picture. Don’t focus on the things from their biography. Instead, see if this person has a sense of humor, are you on the same wave length and does your conversation flow or is it filled with awkward silence. You can see whether they respond to your messages immediately or it takes them hours or days to do so. If your online communication is lousy, you cannot expect that your offline date will go smoothly.

More pictures

Every online profile has pictures, but as we all know it, people often look way better on their profile pictures than they do in real life. So, if you want to check how your potential date really looks like, encourage them to send you more pictures by doing the same. Send them a photo from a picnic or a party at a friend’s house. When you send your pictures, they will probably send you theirs in return. This way you can check them out without being rude and asking directly for pics. In case you send them selfies, but get none in return, trust your gut that something is off.

Pick the right venue

When you are disabled dating, you must be careful when you pick the venue. Choose somewhere that is wheelchair accessible, so you avoid any embarrassing situations and make it easy for you to move around. However, keep in mind that your location should be also pleasant and comfortable. Find a convenient place that’s not crazy busy so there are empty seats, and where it is quiet enough that you can hear each other. At the same time it should be a public place, so you are safe at all times.

Keep the conversation flowing

Keep in mind that conversation is a two way street so take care of your part.  Ask your date good questions, listen to them and respond. Share some engaging stories and interesting anecdotes. Even if your date is interesting as a sack of potatoes, you can still end up having a good time.

Give them the benefit of doubt

Just because they are late for your date doesn’t mean you have to write them off. Every one of us has sometimes been stuck in traffic. Some things you just can’t control. Maybe they pick a place which is closed. That doesn’t mean they didn’t make an effort, maybe they loved that place and had no idea it isn’t working any more. Give everyone the benefit of doubt, and find out what the deal-breakers are along the way.

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