If we agree that dating is difficult for everyone as is, then dating if you’re hiv positive simply seems impossible. We’re not gonna lie, and we are not going to provide you some secret magic formula that’s gonna make things any easier, nor can we make your condition disappear (no matter how much we would love to help). We’ll simply give you some do’s and don’ts that might help you out.

hiv dating

Dating can be so stressful that we’re not even sure how people haven’t simply given up already. But, luckily, they haven’t. Read on to find out some most common do’s and don’ts for both hiv dating, or to put it simply, dating in general.

DO – always be yourself. No matter what flaws you have, don’t hide them. If a couple of simple dates tur into something more, you want your partner to fall in love with the real you, and not some wanna-be.

DON’T – make hiv a big deal. If you haven’t come to terms with your condition, no one will. Therefore, make peace with it.

DO – be honest. Some things are better when you simply put them “out there” straight away. Therefore, be honest with your partner, and let them know about your condition as early as possible. If things have to fall apart, it usually best that they do right away, before everything gets more complicated.

DON’T – stress over the way you’re gonna let your partner know. The fact that you have hiv is there to stay, and the way you tell it to your partner won’t change much. To avoid any awkward situations, and let them process a bit before you talk face-to-face send them a simple text message, and see what happens next.

DO – respect yourself. It is often – if not always – better to be alone, then with someone who simply isn’t right for you. Learn to love yourself, and others will, too.

DON’T – let anyone get the best of you. If your partner is negative about you being positive, simply break up.

DO – be careful. No matter what you do and who you do it with, always use protection. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you have to second-guess everything that happened.

DON’T – let others put you down. The stigma around hiv doesn’t have anything to do with you directly. If someone decides to leave you because of your status, you should be aware that your looks, brains or charm (or lack thereof) had nothing to do with it.

DO – educate. If there is a chance, try to educate your partner about steps you could both take to make things work. You probably already know everything that there is to know about your condition, so why not share that knowledge with others?

DON’T– avoid social interaction. Yes, your condition makes you different from the majority, but that doesn’t mean that you should shy away from people. Go out, go to the movies and simply have fun. However, if you want to avoid the risk completely when it comes to dating, you can always search for partners on various hiv dating sites. After all, that’s the reason they exist.

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