Even Famous People Snapchat About Them: Cutest Animal Profiles You Need To See

Thanks to the Internet every information is available to us with only several clicks. And what do we use it for? Watching cute animals do silly stuff, of course. Even famous people Snapchat about their pets all the time. There is no better way to kill a couple of hours than watching these furry balls and laughing our asses off. If you are ready for your next dose of cuteness, Snapchat is the perfect source. Check out these Snapchat accounts if you are having a bad day. They will surely cheer you up with adorable posts.

Cutest Animal Profiles


Have you ever wanted a small dog you can play dress up with? Well, apparently you are not the only one. This adorable Pomeranian dog obviously has an owner with a sense of humor and a lot of free time. Check out his cute outfits which will make you go “Awww”.


This little puppy can take a normal picture. She is always goofing around and her owner loves posting pictures of her. Just look at her tongue sticking out all the time! Have you ever seen something that cute?


This King Charles puppy was rescued, and now leads a happy dog life. Unfortunately he has no teeth, but that doesn’t prevent him to enjoy everyday activities. And for this puppy wearing some stylish sunglasses is one of them.


If you are not a dog person and you prefer cats, take a look at this profile. This is one of the famous people Snapchat names which belong to artists. This girl loves drawing over her photos, so she regularly turns her cats into superheroes or pirates. Check out why this profile is wildly popular on Snapchat.


If you are tired of all the cats and dogs photos, we are bringing you something more exotic. London ZOO has its own Snapchat profile which you must check out if you consider yourself an animal lover. Here you can see fantastic animals like Komodo dragon.


Let’s face it, lemur can just stand there doing nothing at all, and we would still laugh. On this profile you can see them doing everything from eating to swinging from trees. Lemur sunbathing? Check!


This isn’t one of the famous Snapchat usernames, but you simply must follow it. This guy has a dream job of all animal lovers. He operates an exotic animal sanctuary in Texas. He has rescued everything from llamas to baby tigers. If you are up for some awfully cute videos and pictures, just find him on Snapchat. Your day will definitely get better.


And last, but definitely not the least, the National Geographic snap story makes our list. Why you should follow this account? This channel is the king of animal content. If you have ever watched something on it, you know that this is the profile which should be on your “add” list.

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