How to Look Slimmer in 5 Easy Steps

Many women starve themselves and spend hours in the gym every day so that they could look thin like those movie stars we see on the red carpet. Trans women are no different for that matter. So, in case you have a big date coming your way, and you haven’t had time to lose those seven extra pounds, there are some ways you can look thinner instantly. Trust us, with these simple tricks; transsexual dating will be a piece of cake!

transsexual dating

Wear your size!

Many women who want to look slimmer make the same mistake over and over again by wearing tight clothes. This only emphasizes their fat rolls and shows off their every imperfection. On the other hand, if you wear baggy clothes, you can look bigger than you actually are. Therefore, always choose clothes that fit right!

Don’t be a turtle

V necks open up your whole look and draw attention to your face. This way, no one will focus on your chubby places. You can also show some cleavage but make sure to stay in the lines of good taste. If you go with a turtleneck, on the other hand, you won’t look feminine at all.

Accessories matter

Right accessories can improve your whole appearance and draw attention away from your chubby belly or fat rolls. If you want people to notice your face first, make sure to wear a couple of gorgeous earrings. Choose a long necklace for a slimmer torso and keep in mind that bracelets and rings can bring attention to your hands.

Keep your chin up

You have probably noticed on your pictures that you look fatter when you look down. This is why you should pay attention to your posture every time you leave the house. Keeping your chin lifted not only will you look thinner, but will also appear more confident.

Play with colors

A lot of chubby trans women choose to wear dark clothes due to their slimming effect. While this is entirely true, the real question is whether you want to spend the rest of your life looking like a grieving widow? Yeah, we thought so. Nevertheless, you should always choose clothes of a similar tone because a monochromatic look creates an uninterrupted vertical line which makes you look slim. This is why you should wear your denim jeans with a blue shirt or top, or your brown top with your burgundy pants, for instance.

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