Make-Up Mavens: Who Has the Most Instagram Followers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Almost every girl loves makeup! Makeup can change your mood, not just your look, and it’s sometimes even magical because it can transform you from the girl next door, to the diva down the block.

Who Has the Most Instagram Followers

Knowing where to get your makeup tips is really important, luckily we can tell you who has the most Instagram followers when it comes to makeup artists and experts, so you can look hot.

Everyone is always in need of a tip or two when it comes to how to apply the latest trends in eye-shadow, how to do brows or what the best makeup base or setting powder might be. So, when you can find all that and more on Instagram, with step by step instructions and countless ideas for looks, the inspiration to evolve your makeup routine comes naturally.

For all the makeup mavens out there, who cannot live without their brushes and tints, and would never go out without a stitch of makeup on, there are some amazing makeup artists living off Instagram. They help us stay on top of all the editorials, the runway looks, what the celebs are wearing, and the hottest trends coming of the industry, all the way from Paris, New York or Milan.

So when you do an Instagram profile search, you’ll find people on Instagram who are god-sends to makeup addicts. So check out these profiles if you want to find the most followed person on Instagram for makeup magic.


She’s a Swedish makeup artist who uses really avant-garde looks, that are serenely impactful. She has some painterly artistic looks that aren’t for everyday but she plays with color that allows you to see the range that could look good on your skin. So for exciting and unexpected looks that are totally unrestrained, and your Saturday night is begging for excitement, check our Gradin’s Instagram.


If you’re looking for an artist who is less editorial, and doesn’t take themselves so seriously, then Goss is for you. He looks on the lighter side of things like skincare or acne or dry skin and creams. You can find great tips on how to make your look be natural and lasting, but he always does it with a twist. He’s outspoken and a non-conformist, so this guy is for the makeup ‘no-makeup-look’ lover.


She is one the most exciting and popular makeup artists, who uses makeup to inspire feelings not just trendy looks. She is a color-addict, and knows how to play with nuances for every skin tone. On her profile, you’ll definitely find something that will appeal to your senses, and that you can practically apply. For full proof fool-proof beauty, this is who you should instantly follow.


This is an artist to keep your eye on. He is a fashion week mainstay. He creates whimsical looks that remind you of some fantasy or dream you had long ago. It’s nostalgic and innovative at the same time. You’ll never be bored with his color palette and the creative ways he uses eyeliner and does brows. It’s striking, memorable and daring. What else could you expect from the Frenchman?


Rebellious, controversial, intimidating if not down-right scary, Box’s creations are pure fantasy or nightmare come to life. She knows how to bring out the fantastical elements of a person’s face with makeup. It’s really quite extraordinary what she is able to do with a few makeup brushes. She is highly editorial, but you can easily steal a few tips and tricks to give your look that edge conventional makeup just doesn’t provide.

That list should get you started on who has the most Instagram followers for makeup and beauty. Check out these true artists, who have the most popular Instagram accounts, when you need some inspiration the next time you’re standing in front of the mirror not knowing what to do with yourself.

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