Meeting Cute Single Bikers Made Easier With These 4 Steps [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’ve tried travel, food, musician, art and every other kind of dating known to man, it’s time to check out the biker world and meet local bikers who can make your head spin. Below, we’ve prepared a comprehensive review of the steps you need to take to make sure your love search has a happy ending, including both in the digital and the real world.

meet local bikers

#1: Biker Dating Sites

The easiest way to meet a biker is to join a biker dating site or any app that caters to the general population provided you indicate you’re specifically looking for bikers. Swipe right on a cute biker or send a flirty message to start a conversation. In the sea of dating sites and apps, the key is to choose the ones that cater to the types of singles you’d like to meet, or go for a nation-wide dating service where you’d cross paths with all sorts of people, bikers included, but you run the risk of falling for someone who lives miles away. If you opt for a biker site, you have a limited pool of candidates to choose from, but at least they’d all be from the niche you’re interested in. The general idea is to try both and see where your search takes you.

#2: Online Presence Matters

In addition to the digital dating platforms, in this day and age it’s also important to have an online presence that reveals to the world your interests, hobbies and things you like to do for fun. Maintaining one’s online presence is the easiest for artsy types who “own” Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms that stimulate the creative juices, but that doesn’t mean everyone else shouldn’t work on creating their online ‘biography’, provided, obviously, no personal information/photos are shared. If you’re into photography, post your favorite photos depicting the outdoors, the hustle and bustle of a big city or your pets that mean everything to you. The primary reason for this lies in the fact that new people you meet will undoubtedly Google you, and what they see better be something that attracts their attention for all the right reasons. You don’t have to be a biker enthusiast yourself, but what is really important is to be honest about who you are and what kind of person you’d like to meet.

#3: Mobilize Your Network

Step 3 in finding a cute biker to ride off into the sunset with is to mobilize your network and enlist the help of your friends and family. Traditional dating still plays an important role in finding a partner, and your inner circle can prove to be more valuable than all digital dating platforms combined. Tell them you’re into bikers and would like to date them and see what they’re really like. They won’t judge you, and the worst that could happen is for you to realize your friends and bikers just don’t run in the same circles. But, don’t make that assumption before you actually ask them if they know any single motorcycle buffs to set you up with. You may think you know everyone you inner circle socializes with, but that may not be the case at all. Have faith and let those who know you best play matchmaker. They might pleasantly surprise you after all.

#4: Go Out and Have Fun

Last but not least, going out into the real world, meeting new people, forging friendships and starting relationships is the single most exciting way to fall in love. There are plenty of biker clubs around so it shouldn’t be hard to pick the one closest to you. Find a friend to join you and go out together to check out the clubs and bars frequented by hot bikers. Don’t go out in large groups because those groups will serve as shields from singles, and that would totally defeat the purpose. Make sure you’re comfortable in a place where you search for romantic interests because all guys, from bikers to bankers, love it when women have enough self-confidence to take initiative and rule the situation. This is pretty challenging if you’re hiding all night behind your table or drink. Be yourself and enjoy your search, and before you know it your perfect biker match will enter your life.

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