One BWW Tips: How To Dazzle Your Date In 4 Easy Steps

If you want to start dating BBW, but you just don’t know how keep in mind that chubby women are exactly that – women. They want to feel attractive, desirable and sexy. If you think that complimenting their curves will get you far, you are wrong. Mistakes like these can kick you out of the dating game before you even realized what you’ve done. So, here are some tips that will keep you on the right track and help you find that one BBW you are searching for.

How To Dazzle Your Date

Keep the atmosphere light

If you want to see that girl again, you must make her feel comfortable. Big girls are very aware of their weight, so keep her mind off it. Don’t bring her to a place crowded with skinny models or take her to a restaurant with narrow chairs. Be considerate about these things. You can always choose an open air concert or a fair.

Be polite

When you are sitting in front of her, don’t flirt with other girls or your waitress. This goes not only for BBW dating, but any other niche too. If you want to make a girl feel special, give her your undivided attention. Listen to what she has to say and show interest in her hobbies or plans for the future. Keep an eye contact and behave like a gentleman.

No weight talk

Let the girl order whatever she wants and don’t question her choices. Under no circumstances count calories or order for her. On the other hand, don’t let the subject of your conversation be food. Don’t ask her about her favorite meals or restaurants. Ask her about her interests and hobbies. Talk about your favorite books, movies or share some anecdotes.

Be proud of her

If you want to date BBW singles, then do it proudly. When you are walking down the street hold her hand and if you have been dating for a while, introduce her to your friends. That way she will know you are not ashamed of her, which you shouldn’t be. Big girls can be sexy and attractive just like skinny ones. Everyone has a different type, and if BBW happens to be yours, go with it. Trust us, there are many guys just like you out there.

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