I Was Scared I Would Never Find A Perfect Woman Until I Tried Online Dating

dating mistakesLooks don’t mean anything if you lack the skills, and I’m living proof of that. My name is Jacob, I’m 31, tall, dark, and handsome, but really bad at dating. That’s right – even though I pretty much look like a prototype of a perfect guy, I suck at flirting with ladies no matter how hard I try. However, my luck has changed ever since I’ve tried online dating, so I’ve decided to share my story in order to help others get some insight on how it works, and what good can come of it.

So, let’s start about ten years ago, around the time I was in college. Being as handsome as I was, I had no problem getting a girl’s attention. In fact, whether I wanted it or not, the ladies seemed to be attracted to me at all times: at parties, in lectures held by very strict professors, during my morning jogs around campus, and so on. In other words, my genes combined with my athleticism made sure that I was surrounded by girls non-stop, which created a lot of opportunities for both hot flings and romantic relationships.

I’m not really trying to brag, but during that period in my life I probably had somewhere between 20 and 30 girlfriends. But as you can guess, going from one girl to another meant that none of my relationships lasted very long. This didn’t bother me at all in the beginning, but as time went on, I started noticing it more and more, which made me wonder, “would I ever settle?”

My friends told me that I was crazy and that I shouldn’t be thinking about that at all, and I believed them. As soon as I graduated from college, the number of parties I went to dropped significantly and with it the number of girls I was dating. It wasn’t long before I found myself out there, trying to actually date and get a girl to like me based on first impressions and my flirting skills – the problem was, I didn’t have any. Since I had never had to put much effort into it, I had never really learned how to properly talk to a woman I was trying to impress, which only created huge issues when it came to my dating life.

One failed date after another made me start wondering if I would ever have any good results if I kept going down that road. I started feeling desperate, thinking that I’d never manage to make a girl fall in love with me simply because I didn’t know how to do that. But just as I was about to give up, one of my co-workers told me about online dating and how many of his friends had had a lot of success with it, specifically Dating Mistakes. At a first glance, the idea of meeting people without actually seeing them wasn’t really appealing to me, but because I didn’t have other options I ultimately went for it.

It was all strange to me at first – singles meeting other singles, the website giving me dating tips, and spending time in chat rooms trying to be open and communicate with complete strangers. But after a while, I got used to the idea and started actively looking for a girl who was willing to get to know me before actually seeing what I looked like. It didn’t take long before Dating Mistakes matched me up with a couple of women, all of which seemed really nice both physically and in terms of personality.

A week after my first matchup, I met Jenna – a lovely, young, beautiful and smart girl who lived not 5 miles from me. We messaged each other a lot and decided to meet up for coffee. I used everything Dating Mistakes had taught me, and now Jenna and I are not only in a very serious and solid relationship, but we’re also married and expecting our first child together.

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