Snapchat’s Not-So-Secret Affair With Celebrities [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re a post-millennial living in the US, chances are you’re on Snapchat. If you’re not a member of this cohort and absolutely in love with the app, still chances are you’ve seen hundreds of celebrity and non-celebrity Snapchats all over social media. Snapchat is a monster with more than 150 million active daily users. Some of those users frequent the app for the funky filters, others like the short-lived nature of its posts, while some of the members follow every single famous user, religiously jotting down all the relevant celebrity Snapchat names, and checking the app every half hour out of fear of missing something super important in the world of rich and famous. The reality is that celebs love Snapchat even though Snapchat doesn’t love them back, at least not as openly as some other apps, and the fans can’t get enough of this “real” and “equal” treatment for all.

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The Jenners/Kardashians on Snapchat

Rich and famous love Snapchat because it provides them with sort of a safe haven where they can be themselves to a much greater extent than on any other social network. If you look at Kylie Jenner’s Instagram posts, for instance, you always see her with perfect makeup and dressed to impress the harshest of critics, but on Snapchat every once in a while young Ms Jenner posts snaps of herself in sweatpants in little to no makeup, and looking, well, plain just like the rest of us. Or at least looking like she’s not trying too hard to always be perfect. Keeping in mind that Snapchat doesn’t give celebrities any special treatment (at least compared to other platforms), the fact that she posted her first pics of the barely-there baby bump on Snapchat speaks volumes about how she perceives the app.

Needless to say, Snapchat users see Ms Jenner as the Queen of Snapchat, and loyal as she is, she didn’t disappoint them. Rumors have it she’s five months pregnant with her first baby, which was kept strictly confidential by all family members who live their lives in the spotlight until Kylie was ready to share the news on Snapchat. Although her dad Caitlyn Jenner isn’t thrilled with the idea of her daughter brining a baby into this world when she’s not in a committed relationship, Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott couldn’t be happier.

Being the proud owner of one of the craziest celeb Snapchat names out there, @KylizzleMyNizzle may have something to do with her royal status, but the fact remains she’s one of the most influential celebrities on the Internet, and she chooses Snapchat as her go-to outlet to connect with fans. And since we touched on the subject of her pregnancy, why not say that another star in the synchronized Jenner/Kardashian pregnancy saga, sister Khloe Kardashian, also announced her pregnancy on Snapchat. She could have gone to any other app, but went with Snapchat knowing that momager Kris Jenner could have scored much bigger bucks from Snapchat’s competition, like Facebook or Instagram. Kudos to Snapchat and the results of their hard-to-get game they’ve been playing with the rich and famous from the get-go.

The Connection With The Fans

The Jenner/Kardashian clan is certainly not the only reason why so many people flock to Snapchat every day. In addition to having features not seen anywhere else on the Internet, Snapchat also has a bunch of other celebs that love to post their stories all the time. Although Snapchat doesn’t have a public metric system keeping track of which celebrity posts the most stories on its platform or which celebrity is the most popular Snapchat user, the fans know who to follow anyway. Lady Gaga loves to post important messages and videos on Snapchat, while The Rock never fails to entertain his following. Cara Delevigne loves to show her goofy side by using all the popular filters, while RiRi maintains her hottest-celeb-of-the-decade status on Snapchat quite successfully. Ariana Grande may not be as popular on Snapchat as she is on Instagram, but at least she’s trying, which can’t be said of the Queen of Instagram, Selena Gomez, who isn’t impressed by Snapchat. Don’t miss Jared Leto’s childish drawings on his selfies or the White House’s exclusive “behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Administration”. You know that Snapchat is huge if the White House is fighting to stay current by posting snaps and evasive videos on an app mostly frequented by teenagers.

All of these famous users love Snapchat because it lets them connect with their fans on a more intimate or “real” level compared to any other media outlet currently available. Nothing lasts forever, and just like Snapchat ousted its most obvious foes, mostly Facebook, the question remains when a totally new app will hit the market and send Snapchat into the “been there, done that” category, but until that happens, we’re all happy to be its faithful users.

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