Few Things you Didn’t know about Cougar Dating [INFOGRAPHIC]

The fantasy of a younger man dating an older woman is very much alive and vivid in numerous hormone-fueled imaginations out there, making a phenomenon of a kind. Moreover, cougar dating is like a common myth that persists in almost every sexual culture around the globe that clearly has Freudian roots, according to some, and this also makes it a sort of taboo.

cougar dating

Nevertheless, if we put aside the possible psychological explanations and strip it down to its basic idea, we can easily come to conclusion that women these days don’t have anything against it, at least in more developed parts of the world, while men often opt for chasing older ladies because they believe they are less demanding from their younger counterparts. Ultimately, we feel obliged to share a few less known things about dating a cougar because we believe these aren’t that obvious at first.

High-Cost Maintenance

Have you ever visited some of cougar dating sites and decided to go with the pickup line that goes something like this “Younger girls are such a high maintenance and I feel like it’s gonna be so much easier with you”? If the answer is “Yes”, the chances are you made one of the most common yet wrong assumptions about cougar women and how they can easily settle for less.

While this might be true in terms of their expectations because they said goodbye to Prince Charming long ago – on the very same day they buried their infatuation with Disney ideals – you should still keep in mind that mature ladies enjoy living their lives to the fullest because they stopped chasing career and as a matter of fact have already reached some of the most important milestones in every woman’s life.

On the other hand, this implies that a dinner in a cheap diner just won’t do. Insipid wine isn’t an option either. Don’t get us wrong – they aren’t materialists but still value the good things in life, especially now they’ve learned to feel comfortable about themselves and therefore want to cherish their individuality. It’s actually very healthy if you sit down to think about it.

Risk of not being able to relate

It appears that members of every generation have a lot of things in common, including a general system of values, way of speaking, ideas, as well as pop culture influences that shaped them as they were growing up and made them people they are today. This means that if you decide to pursue a cougar relationship, you should also consider some other things that go with it. Firstly, if she’s way much older than you, the chances are she actually won’t be able to relate to your topics (even though she might be smiling and thus mislead you to think that you impressed her; she’s just a woman after all!).

You can blame it on the age gap. For her, Madonna is still freakin’ rad and you happened to have a Belieber phase that you aren’t so proud of. Joking aside, this doesn’t have to be so important but you can eventually lead you to “conventional topics” zone because you simply won’t be able to reach the common ground.

On the other hand, the chemistry might be real, regardless of the age difference but it could still fail to develop to an actual relationship. Why’s that? Well, older women often rely on their intellect instead of the heart and if the mind tells her there’s really not so much in it for her, she won’t be reluctant to get away. Moreover, she can even use you in order to get that necessary dose of self-esteem because you’re a young and handsome stud and then she’ll elegantly walk away like it never happened.

There’s also a third possible scenario: she might be wondering what are you doing with her, especially if you look like you’re spending ⅔ of the day in the gym while having those pearly white teeth that look like you’ve just come out of the Orbit commercial. Again, it doesn’t strictly mean that she doesn’t appreciate herself but rather that she’s pretty darn realistic and can smell a one-night tryst when she sees one and just so it happens that she’s currently looking for something more permanent.

So, what do you think about this? Have you ever dated a cougar yourself? Can you tell us something about your experience? Was it indeed a memorable one? Don’t hesitate to speak up in the comment section below, we know you want to!

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