Top 4 Reasons Why Dating Several Men At The Same Time Is Wise Choice

Online dating is an exciting, easy and fast way to meet a lot of guys. However, instead of casting a wide net some women focus on meeting one man at a time. They want to see how their connection with one guy plays out before they move on to the next man. When you are looking for a date in free personals, you should avoid getting emotionally attached early on. This may sound strange, but here are some reasons why this is a very wise strategy.

Wise Choice

It’s fun

The whole point of online dating, besides finding your perfect match, is having fun. You will get the opportunity to dress up for a lot of dates, meet a lot of guys and spend Friday nights  in restaurants and clubs instead of in front of a TV with a bucket of ice cream.

It’s a fast way to find the right mate

Focusing on one man at a time is a waste of time. When you finally figure out that he is completely wrong for you, you have already wasted weeks or months talking to him. When you cast a wide net and chat with several guys at the same time you speed up the dating process.

Boost your confidence

Practice makes it perfect. It may sound awful and selfish but dating several guys at the same time will improve your dating skills and boost your confidence. You will learn how to behave, how to dazzle someone with ease and you will ooze confidence which will attract potential dates.

You won’t be too available

Keep in mind that dating is a game and you have to know the rules. If you are overly available your date will consider you too lonely, desperate or needy. If you want to be more attractive you will need to be less available. Show your date that you are a woman who has a life of her own. When you are dating several guys you won’t be available as much. The worst thing you can do when a guy asks you out is to tell him that you have no plans at all. Make him wait. Guys love the thrill of the chase so if you give him everything he wants on a silver platter, he might lose interest in you very soon.

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