Top 4 Reasons Why Famous People Love Snapchat [INFOGRAPHIC]

The love affair between Snapchat and famous people from all over the world has not been  documented all that well, and we’d like to change that because we believe it deserves everyone’s undivided attention for several reasons. First, famous people Snapchat is a special kind of social media that has never been seen before this app. Second, nothing lasts forever and neither will this love affair, and we’d like to analyze it while we can before another kind of social media outlet hits our screens and brings a whole different experience to the table.

famous people Snapchat

Reason #1: It Plays Hard To Get

Snapchat isn’t wooing celebrities like other social networks are, mainly Facebook and Instagram, who pay them obscene amounts of money for self-promotion using their platforms. This hard-to-get kind of approach is proving to be rather fruitful because it is reflected in everything Snapchat touches, and it’s got a much more natural vibe. Celebrities and their fans are drawn to this vibe, and the latter can’t get enough of “official” stories posted by their favorite actors, musicians, athletes and even politicians. Speaking of “official” stories, this is basically one of the two features reserved for famous Snapchat users that mere mortals can’t touch. When an account has plenty of followers and is owned by a famous person, it stands a chance of getting “verified” and becoming “official”. Once this happens, the account owner chooses an emoji associated with their Snapchat and become much easier to locate on the app. Any special treatment Snapchat gives to famous people pretty much ends with “verified” accounts and emojis.

Reason #2: It’s Got Funky Features

Snapchat has an array of original and inviting features that its competitors are so jealous of that they’ve even stolen some of them. First off, Snapchat filters have taken the internet by storm and although someone may have thought that they were silly in the beginning, now all the silly has transformed into sexy and sassy thanks to the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and a whole lot of other young famous people on Snapchat. The second very popular feature is the snapcode that let’s users take and upload selfies that are showcased like the user’s profile picture and help others identify and find the people they’re looking for. Needless to say, famous Snapchat users are going to town with snapcode selfies, and their fans are following suit.

Reason #3: It Lets Them Be Real

No other sharing or media app lets celebrities be as real as Snapchat. If we look at Instagram, we see that their photos are always perfection, and we know nobody wakes up looking like Jennifer Lawrence on the cover of Vogue. It takes tremendous time and effort to look so flawless, and Instagram is that sort of app that demands impeccable presentation. Snapchat has no demands other than to be as spontaneous and natural as possible. This is why you can see posts by Kylie Jenner on Snapchat with little to no makeup, wearing sweatpants, while on Instagram all you get is a beauty mogul, fashion icon, and one of the most famous girls in the world looking immaculate. Celebrities flock to Snapchat to share stories of their breakfast rather than beauty routines, and their pale rather than sun kissed faces, showing the world they’re almost like the rest of us.

Reason #4: It Lets Them Connect With Their Fans In Real Time

Lots of musicians on Snapchat post behind-the-scenes videos of their live music shows while actors post funky videos and photos from movie sets that are shown on Snapchat in real time, before they disappear forever. Knowing where you favorite celeb is at any given moment, and seeing first-hand what they’re doing is a new kind of sharing experience brought to us by Snapchat. Celebrities love to connect with their fans on such as real level, and their fans just keep on eating it up. Snapchat’s reign won’t last forever, but we’re certainly happy for having used it at the peak of its popularity. One day it will be replaced by a different kind of media, but until then we’ll go on enjoying it as much as possible.

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