Top 5 Guys You Must Avoid On Free Singles Dating Sites

Many girls are complaining these days that there are no nice guys left, only douchebags who do not know how to treat a woman properly. Where is our Prince Charming? What has happened to gentlemen? Some women use free singles dating sites because here they can see which guys are not right for them without having to actually go out with them. If you want to find love online, better stay away from these men.

free singles dating sites

The one who is after your money

You can spot online scam artists easily. Sooner or later, he will ask you for money. They usually say that they live far away from you, but because you are such a good match, they are willing to come over and meet. Of course, there is a catch, they need money for the plane ticket. Never, and we mean never ever give these guys money, your credit card number or anything similar. As soon as someone asks you for money, block them. Unfortunately, a lot of scammers using online dating to prey on women who are looking for love or attention.

The one who hides his college

Men know that some women prefer guys with a college degree. So, if they don’t have it, they make up lies. While some of them go with the full-blown lie and tell they have a college degree, others remain vague. They claim they have finished some college. If you want to see if they really have a degree, ask them what they majored in or some other college related questions.

The one who can’t spell if his life depended on it

OK, everyone makes a typo. But if the guy you are talking to always has spelling mistakes or bad sentence structures, put that fish back into the water. Do you really want a guy who can barely put together a sentence?

The one who is into your looks (and not anything else)

If you meet people online in order to find love, and not some meaningless fling, then you do not want a superficial guy who is only after one thing. You will easily recognize him. He will ask to see more pictures of you or your detailed description. And all this before he even find out your name. Don’t you want a guy who will like you for your qualities, and not your appearance? Move along girl, you can do much better.

The one who is in love with himself

On online dating services you will probably find this type of guy. He loves only himself, and there is no room for you in his heart. He won’t ask you questions about your hobbies, interests, likes, dislikes or anything, but if you ask him something he won’t shut up for hours. This guy doesn’t want a date, he wants someone who will listen to him talk about himself. Don’t let it be you.

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