Want To Sound More Feminine? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Many trans women want to sound more feminine, which is why they opt for a voice surgery. On the other hand, this is a really risky procedure that can impair your voice forever, so some trans ladies choose a less invasive solution such as voice feminization lessons. However, a lot of them still make the same mistakes. So if you want to train your voice and be 100% ready for a TS date, make sure to read the tips below and learn about the things you should avoid.

TS date

Don’t speak too deeply

Well, this obviously comes as no surprise since cis women usually don’t have deep voices. If you’re still not sure whether you sound too masculine, just use an online tuner and measure the pitch of your voice. Keep in mind that female voices usually range from 175-250 Hz.

Don’t speak in falsetto either

Masking your deep voice by talking in an unnaturally high voice isn’t the right way to go either. And instead of sounding like a woman you will end up sounding like Minnie Mouse. Raising the pitch of our voice is okay, but make sure to know where to stop.

Whispering will make you seem creepy

Imagine you are on a date with someone who whispers all the time. Not only will it be impossible to hear them correctly, but they will also seem like they are hiding from someone. Therefore, speak more softly but don’t lower the volume of your voice.

You should have a melodic intonation, but…

It is true that cisgender women have a melodic intonation, however, don’t try to imitate them. Many trans girls want to make their voices engaging or melodious, but they end up sounding, well, ridiculous. This is because they raise the pitch of their voice at the end of every sentence. Thanks to this, every sentence seems like a question.

Never pinch your voice

A person’s voice is key to leaving a good first impression on a date. If you show up looking all lady-like and then you open your mouth and sound like Liam Neeson the odds are your potential match will get spooked. Most men speak almost an octave lower than women, so some transgender women try constricting their throat with tight shirt collars or necklaces to change their voice. However, this usually backfires since they end up sounding funny instead of feminine and sexy. Just think of Kermit the Frog, and you will know what we are talking about.

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